The Same Question… Again!

I keep getting asked “why is emotional intelligence important?” “I know my job. I am an expert. I have been doing this a long time.” “So what’s all this stuff [...]

Captain Sully: Emotional Competence At Its Best

Remember the “Miracle on the Hudson”?  Well I think that the real ‘Miracle’ was the pilot of the aircraft Flight 1549, who ‘decided’ to land the aircraft in the middle of the Hudson River? Well, [...]

Beware of Leadership Blunders

Beware of Leadership Blunders By Marcus M. Mottley, Ph.D. In my readings in the field of marketing I came across an article that identifies serious blunders that major corporations make. Some of [...]

Yes, You Can! Will you?

Yes, You Can! Will You? By Marcus M. Mottley, Ph.D. Some said it couldn’t be done. Those people said it was absolutely impossible for a human to run a mile in under 4 minutes… and so for [...]

Feedback For All Employees At All Levels

Feedback For Employees At All Levels By Marcus M. Mottley, Ph.D. 360 Degree feedback methods help employees at all levels receive performance feedback from supervisors, direct reports, peers and [...]

Test Post

1, 2, 3 second test posting//