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Dr. Marcus Mottley

Clinical Psychologist! Executive Coach! Change Consultant!

Change Your Life – And Keep the Changes You Want – For As Long As You Want Them – Guaranteed!


What do I do? And more importantly how can I help you? Well, I am a Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach and Change Consultant. I help people wherever they are to change their lives until they get the powerful changes they desire, and then I help them to keep the changes that they want!

To do this, I use the hundreds of tools that I have in my toolbox. These tools have been developed from my entire professional background:

  1. My Clinical Psychology and Counseling background (40 years) in Addiction Counseling, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Neuro-Lingusitic Programming and an eclectic mix of strategic therapeutic approaches to both individuals and groups.
  2. Twenty years of Coaching Public Service and Business Executives as well as providing Life Coaching to hundreds of people internationally.
  3. Thirty-five years of providing Human Resource and Organizational Development Consulting services to both public and private sector organizations including training workshops and seminars, providing organizational cultural/climate assessments and interventions, and performance and productivity assessments and interventions.
  4. I have also confidentially Mentored and Advised leaders of both private and public sector organizations on how to deal effectively with major challenges that they face when they have no one else or nowhere to turn to.

So… I counsel, coach, consult, advise, mentor and support individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their desired vision, mission, goals and objectives. And I absolutely – and unequivocally guaranteed – that when and individual or a team – or an organization – follows through on my counseling, coaching or consulting – that the desired results will follow – quickly!  Guaranteed!

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